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Jessica Rorison

I see it everyday. I see people struggling in relationships, with their mental health, with their finances with seeing the true value of their skills and worth. 


I want to help those people become part of the economy while still being able to manage their homes, take care of their children and take care of their physical health. I also want to help other businesses thrive and achieve their goals, by leveraging the incredible talent pool of people living right in their own rural Saskatchewan communities.


I love to match people with opportunities. I love to help clients looking for a grant, a program, a service, a job, housing, a side hustle. I've always been an ideas person that looks for and creates opportunities for myself and others.


Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have felt Alive!  My daughter recently said to me, “Mom you sure did GLOW UP.” Hello! Don’t we want all of our children to say that. We want them to see that we are happy, capable, and part of the economy.

Behind the Scenes

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